Antidoping (KV-urheilijan erivapaus)

IFSS:n ohjeet urheilijan erivapauden hakemiseen kansainvälisiin kilpailuihin

IFSS Human TUE applications:

Athlet shoud primarily apply TUE from NADO (national antidoping organization).

So first see your NADO website to TUE instructions.

Second see WADA´s website

See links to medical information documents

Follow the the guidelines

Fill TUE application form with CAPITAL letter ot typing

Return to the Anti-Doping Committee as instructed on the form

The TUEC (Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee) has at least one month  to take a decision after receipt of the request for TUE. You will need  to send the filled TUE Form ASAP in order to be processed.