IFSS:n tiedote koskien fluorikieltoa valjakkourheilussa

Alla IFSS:n viesti lajiliitoille koskien fluorikieltoa valjakkourheilukilpailuissa. Kielto ei ole vielä voimassa eikä tule voimaan tälle talvikaudelle.

Asia käsitellään IFSS:n GA-kokouksessa 2024 ja sen jälkeen odotamme lajiliittona mahdollisia toimintaohjeita asian suhteen.


Dear Member federations,

In 2021 IFSS decided to follow FIS regarding fluor wax ban and the information was sent out via a Newsletter at the end of November with the following text:

Fluorinated Ski Wax

IFSS Council has decided to follow the recommendations from FIS International Ski Federation when it comes to a ban of fluorinated ski waxes. Fluorinated ski waxes have been shown scientifically to have a negative environmental and health impact. IFSS Council will follow the development in FIS and take further decisions accordingly.
The following decision made by FIS prohibits the use of any products containing C8 fluorocarbons/PFOA. More information: https://www.fis-ski.com/en/international-ski-federation/news-multimedia/news/update-on-fis-fluorinated-ski-wax-ban IFSS Council encourages all Member federations to spread the word to their clubs and athletes to discourage the use of fluorine waxes.

For the season 2023/2024 FIS has made rules how to perform the equipment control of skis according to the fluor wax ban.

At the moment IFSS have no rules that prescribe how IFSS should handle this topic.

IFSS recommend all athletes to follow the FIS fluor ban for the 2023/2024 season.

Today IFSS has no possibility to carry out controls at the competitions that are sanctioned by IFSS (2023/2024 season the World Cup competitions) but encourage all Member federations to perform controls if they have the possibility.

IFSS will present a set of rules how to proceed and how to handle the fluor wax ban at the General Assembly in May 2024.

Yours sincerely
Ninni Hjortvall